In case you've missed it the first ever NServiceBus conference is happening 26th -27th June in London. There is a whole host of excellent speakers so make sure to not miss it!

I'm going to deliver a session on how we do things inside engineering here at Particular. This is a talk that I've been really wanting to do for a long term because I'm leading a truly awesome team and we've really been pushing the boundaries for what I thought was possible in terms of automating of "all the things" :)

The abstract for the talk is:


Continuously delivering a top quality platform on which customers build and run their businesses is not a challenge to be taken lightly. Join Andreas Öhlund, Director of Engineering at Particular Software, for a journey through custom tooling, testing the un-testable and massive cloud service bills in the name of backwards compatibility, performance and reliability.

An adventurous journey indeed but an absolute must to ensure that the software you depend on delivers what's stated on the box.

The talk will give an in-depth look on what we do to continuously deliver our service platform with the top quality that is expected from us,

See you there!