I just want to let you know that we released the first beta of the upcoming v4 of NServiceBus last friday. The main focus for v4 has been to make NServiceBus run on a wider range of queuing infrastructures while still giving you the same developer experience.

Out of the box v4 will support ActiveMq, RabbitMq, WebSphereMq and SqlServer, yes using your old and trusty database as a queuing platform. While adding support for all those new transports we had to do quite a lot of refactoring deep in the bowels of NServiceBus and the end result is a much cleaner codebase and its my hope that adding new transports should be a breeze going forwards. There is already a Redis transport in the works by our amazing community.

We have of course made a lot of other improvements as well so please take a look in the release notes for the full scope.

From now on we'll be focusing on stabilizing the release and ramp up on documentation so hopefully you'll see an increase in v4 related blog post here as well.

You can grab the new bits either as a msi download over at our site or via nuget.

If all goes well we hope to get the final version out of the door within the next 3-4 weeks.

Go ahead and take it for a spin!