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The difference between messages and messages

Ok that was a confusing title:) In NServiceBus we have 2 different types of messages and that usually confuses people. So lets take a look at the different types, what they should be used for and who should use them. The applicative message This is the type of message that most users think of when [...]

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Using RavenDB in NServiceBus – Connecting

In a previous post I talked about the different ways to make sure that you have a Raven server available in order for your NServiceBus endpoints to store their data. In this post we’ll look at the different options for connecting to that Raven server. To tell NServiceBus to use Raven for persistence is a easy [...]

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Convention over configuration in NServiceBus 3.0

One of the key goals for NServiceBus 3.0 is to remove much of the need for configuration and there by improve the out of the box experience. In order to achieve this we have introduced the concept of a EndpointName that will be used to control our naming conventions. The endpoint name is the name of a [...]

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Using RavenDB in NServiceBus – Installing

The default persistence in NServiceBus is as of version 3.0 RavenDB. The NServiceBus license permits the use of RavenDB for the storage need of your endpoint. This only includes NServiceBus related data like sagas, subscriptions etc. If you are storing application specific data in Raven you need to purchase a separate license. If you plan [...]

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Installers in NServiceBus 3.0

In 3.0 we introduced the concept of installers to make sure that both infrastructure  and endpoint specific artifact installed and configured automatically for you if needed. The installers comes in two flavors, infrastructure installers and regular installers. Infrastructure installers are used for things that are not specific to a given endpoint eg. RavenDB, MSMQ. Regular [...]

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Don’t assume message ordering

On my travels I often see people getting into trouble by assuming that messages will be processed in the same order as they are being sent. If the there was a list of fallacies for asynchronous messaging this one would be: Messages will always be processed in order The reason why this is not true mainly comes from the [...]

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