Today I became Certified  Scrum Master, there is around 70 000 Scrum Masters in the world so It seams that Scrum is becoming a major player in software methodologies. I'm a big believer in agile practices so becoming a SCM will hopefully help me to spread agile practices and principles to my customers.

The certification was held by Mikael Lundgren. I really liked Mikael's way of instructing us by focusing on core values and principles of SCRUM (as opposed to talking about all details etc. that you can read in a book anyway). Okay Mikael is from the same part off Sweden as I so a might be a bit biased but anyway...

Here is a few things that struck me:

The SCM should not be part of the team. If the SCM shall be able to coach the team efficiently, without being biased by personal commitment to sprint tasks, he should ideally not be part of the team. It would be ok to be part of another team though!

According to a study by Scrum Alliance 60% of all the features that is identified during a SCRUM-project is never implemented. This of course means allot of money is saved by realizing business value without the cost of implementing those features.

Another study by The Standish Group shows that on average 45% of all features that are released to production is never used.(for software projects in general)  Hopefully this number should decrease when agile methodologies gains momentum. So the bottom line is that it's important to give the customer as much feedback and control as possible so that only features that are going to generate business value is implemented.

And finally: Planning Poker rocks!