I'm so tired of all the "If you are an CIO, this is why you should invest in a SOA" articles. Last week the Sweden's largest IT-paper , Computer Sweden, had a special edition focusing on the benefits of SOA. What struck me was the total absence of any useful guidance on how to actually build the SOA that all the articles talked about.  In my opinion the reason to invest in SOA is already well understood by the IT-community and yet another article on the benefits of SOA in not going to help much. In fact the constant talk about why SOA is good might scare people off instead. I think now is the time to focus on how to build a successful SOA and deliver the business value that has been promised for so long.

**Sigh** - Just had to get that out of me :)

I've decided to remedy this by starting a series of blog posts showing a "hands on example" on how to build a good SOA. So stay tuned if you feel trigger happy and want to actually fire your SOA Silver Bullet!